Tools Utilized

We use tools to help us enhance our quality. Such tools are both hardware & software.

Some of the software tools we use are

Trane Trace 700
Building energy modeling program. We use this software to optimize mechanical system selection and efficiency for a particular building. This can be performed for existing or new building.

Pipe Flow 2009
This software is used to model and calculate fluid flow through a piping system. We have used it to understand flow in chilled water systems at different system pressure conditions.

MS Access
We use MS Access to generate various databases to track:

    · Building equipment & functions
    · Construction project management issues & documents
    · Maintenance recommissioning log

Some of the hardware tools we use are: Balancing Hoods, Hot Wire Anemometer, Electric Multi-meters, Laser Thermometers, etc. Also, we use HOBO Data Loggers to gather various data for the purpose of trending, trouble shooting & verifying system performance.

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