Project Engineer

Mar 18, 2009

Description of the Work Place:
1. HVAC design firm for industrial and commercial type projects
2. Small with lots of potential for learning and growth.
3. Fun, flexible and easygoing environment.
4. Reward achievements.

CTC Design, Inc 605 Nuttman St. Santa Clara, CA

Job Duties:
1. Report directly to Mechanical Team Leader.
2. Generate a commissioning plan including equipment functional test procedures.
3. Proficient in AutoCAD mechanical designs.
4. Working with Team Lead designing projects related to mechanical HVAC and
industrial process type of projects.
5. Perform field visits & help point out construction issues.
6. Perform equipment functional test with the assistance of a technician.
7. Generate cooling and heating load using Trane Trace 700 software.
8. Size and layout duct and pipe.

1. Very motivated and driven for success.
2. Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.
3. Five to ten years experience in the HVAC industry.
4. Proficient in computer programs: AutoCAD, MS Excel & MS Access.
5. Familiar with building energy analysis programs.
6. Strong communication skills.

If interested or curious, submit resume to:
Bishara Mogannam

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