Commissioning (Cx)
Is the process of ensuring that the systems are designed, installed, functionally tested & capable of being operated and maintained to perform in conformity with the design intent. Commissioning begins with the planning and includes design, construction, start-up, acceptance & training, and can be applied throughout the life of the building.

Commissioning Goal

    · Systems designed to meet intent
    · Systems Installed to meet design
    · Functional, Reliable & Efficient Systems

Commissioning Capabilities

    · Mechanical HVAC Systems
    · Mechanical & Process Control Systems
    · Mechanical Process Systems
    · Electrical Equipment

Our Commissioning Activities Check List exceeds most published standards. Please review our check below.

Owner's Requirement
Understand the owner's requirements & performance criteria.

Commissioning Plan
Generate a commissioning plan. The commissioning will start at the planning phase and continue through end of construction. Ideally the commissioning plan will include the following tasks:

1. Basis of Design Review
Review & comment on the design intent & verify that it meets the owner's requirements and criteria.

2. Design Review
Work with the design team to qualify the design compliance with the Basis of Design.

3. Bid Documents
Integrate commissioning requirements into the construction bid documents. It will include an update of both the electrical & mechanical specifications.

4. Site Observation Reports
Generate site observation reports during construction. The reports will address the installation deficiencies and deviation from design intent.

5. Functional Performance Test Procedures and Checklists
Develop functional performance test procedures and verification check lists.

6. Supervise Functional Tests & Analyze Results
Analyze & understand test results. Verify that the system operates per the criteria designed for.

7. Commissioning Report
Compile a commissioning report identifying the systems commissioned, results of site observation reports, functional test results & startup check lists.

8. Training
Identify training criteria, and organize training for the appropriate personnel.

9. Documentation Turnover Review
Review all operation & maintenance manuals & 'as-built' for accuracy & completeness.

10. Recommissioning Management Manual
Develop a recommissioning manual to include: recommended recalibration frequency of sensors & equipments, guidelines for establishing and tracking benchmarks for systems performance.

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