Retrocommissioning (RCx)
The process of systematic investigation to identify improvements in existing building, and offer low cost solutions in an effort to increase building performance. Many of its activities are similar to Cx, but it occurs after construction is complete.

Retrocommissioning Goals

    · Reduce Energy Cost
    · Optimize Building Performance
    · Enhance O&M Documentation
    · Improve Facility O&M procedures


    · Energy Building energy simulation using DOE Energy Plus 1.2.2
    · Audit & optimize existing building control & energy management systems
    · Mechanical equipment functional testing
    · Fire, Life Safety & Leak Detection functional testing
    · IP & Network infrastructure audit. Please review our

Retrocommissioning Activities Check List below.

Understand Owner's Objectives
Understand the owner's "Needs & Wants" & Goal.

Retrocommissioning Plan
Generate a Retrocommissioning plan. The plan will outline detailed activity list, geared towards meeting owner's objective as defined. Ideally the Retrocommissioning plan will include the following tasks:

1. Define Owner's Requirements
Define the requirements by system; based on the established objectives.

2. Survey site, understand existing systems, and establish a base line

3. Energy Simulation
Using simulation software, DOE EnergyPlus V1.2.2, to generate a building energy model.

4. Functional Performance Test Procedures and Checklists
Develop functional performance test procedures and verification check lists.

5. Supervise Functional Tests & Analyze Results
Analyze & understand test results. Verify that the system operates per the criteria designed for.

6. Compiling, Recommendations & Reporting
Generate a report identifying the systems recommissioned, energy simulation results, functional test results & improvement recommendations based on our investigative results.

7. Training
Identify training criteria, and organize training for the appropriate personnel.

8. Documentation Manuals
Gather & organize all documentation of existing systems, including: operation & maintenance manuals for systems involved, 'as-built' drawings.

9. Recommissioning Management Manual
Develop a recommissioning manual to include: recommended recalibration frequency of sensors & equipments, guidelines for establishing and tracking benchmarks for systems performance.

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